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Calorie Countdown app for Blackberry

77p per month @12 months9.24
Software Licence (free)0.00
VAT, Card processing fee and all transaction costs2.50

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Calorie Countdown Mobile™ is a powerful mobile phone computer software (for Nokia Logo, Motorola Logo, Sony Ericson Logo, Samsung Logo [that implements an exciting, innovative and new technique for losing weight ] based on Physics Laws of Thermodynamics, it runs on your mobile so you can use it anywhere at anytime. 

How it Works

Reaching Zero

The Law of Thermodynamics states that Energy cannot be created or destroyed, that energy in must = energy out.

Which means that the only way you can lose weight is if

The energy you consume is less than the energy you burn, i.e.

Wieght Loss = Energy you burn –Energy you eat

Calorie Countdown keeps track of every side of this equation so it precisely tells you .000 where your position is and direction.

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