Cap and Trade Networking Software,
that makes the EU-ETS cheaper, better and easier.

itet and the public

Climate change is a public concern, it is beneficial for the public to be involved and know they have a stake. The Directive makes this intent clear through provisions that encourage public participation.

itet brings emissions-trading to the people, by downloading the itet for public app, Individual A can buy one or more tonne(s)/allowance(s) of Carbon from the Carbon market or Emissions Trading Network, bringing emissions trading to the People. (At the time of writing one tonne of CO2 cost/worth €5) Buying a tonne of CO2 for €5 and keeping it is an instant way of reducing CO2 emissions, it means that some Polluter somewhere has to reduce their Carbon emissions by a tonne, this is faster, easier and more effective action compared to say recycling enough waste to save one tonne of CO2, but should be done in addition to such action for a rich, diverse and creative arsenal to fighting climate climate change.

Individual A may also keep the One-tonne Allowance as an investment, selling it at some point in the future for profit. This makes Carbon markets more Liquid, and stable, which is good for emissions-trading and the fight against climate change. The itet app connects the public to the Emissions Trading Network and Carbon Markets bringing emissions-trading and emissions reductions to the people, download the app now.

itet will offer and maintain a website called TIPS/PIW. TIPS/PIW is a publicly accessible website containing summarized CO2 emissions data reports from itet and non-itet covered installations.

The website will be made efficient through links to real-time data capture segment of the network. The website will also catalogue information on pollution abatement technologies available and will article best practice for emission reduction.

TIPS/PIW will be a source of data for research, universities and public alike.

In order to connect to the network itet provides software for use by the Verifier and Certifier