Cap and Trade Networking Software,
that makes the EU-ETS cheaper, better and easier.

itet introduction

What is Emissions Trading

  • Emissions Trading is a system of “capping and trading” of emissions limits. The amount of emissions emitters can release into the atmosphere is capped in the form of allowance quotas. One allowance represents 1 metric tonne of emission. Allowances can then be traded between emitters, producing flexibility without the overall increase of emissions.
  • Emissions Trading in Europe is powered by the European Emissions Trading Directive (2003/87/EC) which brings into effect The E.U. Emissions Trading Scheme (EU-ETS) on January 1 2005.
  • CO2 emissions is believed to be the chief cause of global warming and climate change, because of its atmospheric heat trapping effects.
  • Emissions trading directly tackles global warming at least cost to society.


  • itet is software network technology designed to support the Emissions Trading Directive.
  • Accurate emissions data capture and distribution and the realisation of connectivity between participants of the Emission Trading Scheme is the heart of itet.
  • The network supplies emissions data in real time to connected network users. Network users primarily include officers around Installation sites and the organisations that own/operate them, but can also include other members of the emissions trading community.
  • By organisations granting a certain level of agreed authorised access to others participants of the Scheme, such as market traders, verifiers and regulatory bodies, data is made available to everyone in the scheme, in order to better realise it.