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General Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 General Environmental Management System

  • itet complies with the ISO 14001 standard for environmental management systems through its Emissions Reduction Model (ERM), and People in the Emissions Reduction Model (PERM) components
  • ERM expands on itet’s Directive Compliance Capability. Under ERM, your emissions source points automatically become environmental aspects in the system as specified in the ISO 14001 standard. ERM allows you to add non-emissions aspects to the model to increase environmental scope.
  • ERM’s functions make reference to the ISO 14001 clause they satisfy.
  • You can use ERM reporting to formally show stakeholders and interested parties your CO2 and environmental impact reduction extent.


  • An organization’s people are it’s greatest asset. Effective communication and coordination between it’s people is not only essential but also the best pragmatic way of meeting environmental commitments. PERM is designed to facilitate frictionless communication between an organization’s people once logged on to the itet network.
The software provides statistical and ddata analysis functions that enable you to interpret your data with greater insight